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【 Calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate 】

Chemical Name: Calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate

CAS No.: 7789-77-7

Molecular Formula: CaH5O6P

Molecular weight: 172.09


Technical Data of Calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate


Do Enhancer (calcium) and leavening agents, our requirements can be used for biscuits, infant formula, the maximum usage is 1.0g / kg; also be used as quality improver for fermented flour products, according to production needs appropriate use. Used as feed and food additives, gypsum friction agents, plastic stabilizers and pharmaceutical additives. Mainly used as fertilizer, can be used in an acidic, neutral or slightly acidic soil, for a variety of crops. Also used as a plastic stabilizer. Mainly used to manufacture high as friction agent in toothpaste.

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